World Tournament and Techno Fest

World Tournament  and Techno Fest (WTTF)  is an anual event that the student council holds. This year, the event was held last month on August. Students from tenth and eleventh grade had to participate in this event.

We were seperated into groups. A group consisted of about 35 students from a same class. The groups of ten graders and the groups of eleven graders were against each other. The group from X MIPA 1, for example, was against the group from XI MIPA 1, the group from X MIPA 2 was against the group from XI MIPA 2, and so on. I was in X MIPA 5, so my group was against XI MIPA 5. After that, each group was given two water baloons and we were told to keep them.

In this game, we have to speak in English, only English. We couldn't speak in other languages because if we do, we would get a minus score. So I tried to speak English all the time, although I failed sometimes.

There were 10 posts. Each one had a game. We played video games, twister, and a eating competition. On the eating competition, two students from each group had to eat a plate of spicy noodle.

The puzzle
Due to the fact that we had limited time, we only went to 9 posts while we should've visited 10 posts. After we finished the games in those 9 posts, we went back to Lapangan Bali (a field in Bali Street). After that, there were 'aliens' that had some pieces of puzzle. To get those pieces, we had to threw our water baloons at them. After we collected all pieces, students from each grade had to work together to arrange the pieces into a picture. At the end, the students from tenth grade won because we were faster than the students from eleventh grade.

My friends and I had so much fun. I really liked the games. I can't wait for the next event next year.


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