My Unforgettable Moment: Prisons in An Island?

Nusa Kambangan
Have you ever heard of prisons in an island that not a lot of people can give it a visit? Well, if you haven't heard about it, then you probably haven't heard about Nusa Kambangan. So what is Nusa Kambangan?

Nusa Kambangan is an island located in Cilacap, Indonesia. There are prisons there that are used to lock up people that did severe criminal actions. There is also an execution place which functions to be a place to punish some prisoners with a death penalty.

There are several prisons there including the active ones and the inactive ones. The active ones, which are the prisons that are still used until now, are Batu Prison, Besi Prison, Kembangkuning Prison, and Permisan Prison, while the inactive ones are Nirbaya Prison, Karangtengah Prison, Karanganyar Prison, Gliger Prison, and Limusbuntu Prison. Hundreds of corruptors and terrorists are locked up there as their punishment.

A bit scary, isn't it? But apart from that, there is something beautiful about Nusa Kambangan, something that I won't forget about.

So I went there couples of days ago. Nusa Kambangan is not open for everyone. Only people that are permissible can visit this place. So I was kind of lucky. I went to the island by a small ship. Then, I went to a woderful beach by a car. It got me mesmerized. The view was so magnificent, it made me so happy! The water was very clear and clean. I could even see small fishes in the water.
It was a really fun day playing at the beach. I also took a lot of pictures of myself (pardon my narcissism) and the beach. I really hope I can go back there one day in a holiday.


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