A few weeks ago, my school held a cultural festival called 'Megantara'. The aim of this festival is to inform the visitors about Indonesian local culture.

The festival started with a parade. Kids from different pre-schools joined the parade. The parade was lead by a group of people that performed one pf Indonesian traditional dance called 'Reog', then followed by the kids. The kids wore unique clothes, some of them dressed as animals, princesses, etc.
At 11.35, the gate was opened. The guests also started to perform. There weren't that many people at first, but as it got later, many more people came there.
Since the festival aimed to help preventing the local cultures from vanishing, the decorations are Indonesian themed. The most of the food stands sold different kinds of food from all around Indonesia. There were sate padang, tempe mendoan, mie ayam, etc. There was also a 'haunted house'.

I participated in the making of Megantara. I helped to decorate things such as painting and building a tower. It was a really fun thing to do.

Like every other event, Megantara also had some guests stars. There were RAN, The Changcuters, Putri Giri Harja 3, Studio Puri Hamdani, and many more.

The event finished at 10.30 PM. Although it was tiring, it was really fun. I went there with my friends and we had so much fun. We also took a lot of selfie. I really cant wait for the next cultural festival next year. I hope I will still be able to participate in the making of it.


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