A. About Sugar Glider
1. Sugar gliders have membranes that help them to glide. What is the membrane called?
    a. wings
    b. patagium
    c. legs
    d. hindlegs
    e. fur
2. Why are they called "sugar gliders"?
    a. because they are sweet like sugar
    b. because their eggs are in the size of sugar granules
    c. because they eat sweet things and are able to glide
    d. because they like to glide on sugar
    e. because they like to play with sugar
3. Based on the passage above, 'Joey' is the nickname for...
    a. baby kangaroos and baby sugar gliders
    b. baby sugar gliders and baby cats
    c. a baby
    d. baby sloths
    e. cute babies
4. What do they eat?
    a. bird eggs, nectar, chicken
    b. pollen, fungi, chicken
    c. chiken, corn, fungi
    d. native fruits, acacia seeds, nectar
    e. lizards, big birds, fungi
5. Where can we find sugar gliders?
    a. Europe
    b. Indonesia
    c. Thailand
    d. USA
    e. Japan

B. About Kakkslauttanen Arctic Resort
1. One of the following is something you can do only in the summer, that is...
    a. seeing the northern lights
    b. watching the midnight sun
    c. going on a husky safari
    d. going ice-fishing
    e. going aurora hunting
2. Where can you stay if you bring 7 people with you to this resort?
    a. in Santa's house
    b. in the queen suite
    c. in sivakka
    d. in a snow igloo
    e. in a log chalet
3. Based on the services that they provide, we know that we can't...
    a. rent some skiing boards
    b. buy some gifts
    c. have lunch and dinner at the resort
    d. have a look at the launching of a car
    e. swim in a swimming pool
4. Where is this resort located?
    a. in England
    b. in Gemany
    c. in Finland
    d. in Iceland
    e. in Greenland
5. What is this resort nicknamed?
    a. the snowy town
    b. the igloo village
    c. the fun village
    d. the wood village
    e. the glass town

C. About Malala Yousafzai
1. Who directed "He Named Me Malala"?
    a. Christofer Nolan
    b. Davis Guggenheim
    c. Ziauddin Youzafzai
    d. Malala herself
    e. her mom
2. How old is she in August 2016?
    a. 19
    b. 18
    c. 17
    d. 20
    e. 21
3. What is her fund called?
    a. Malala fund
    b. Yousafzai fund
    c. stand with Malala fund
    d. Girls fund
    e. Ladies fund
4. Where was she born in?
    a. Peshawar
    b. Mingora
    c. Birmingham
    d. Syria
    e. Dubai
5. When was she shot?
    a. 4 years ago
    b. last month
    c. 2 years ago
    d. last week
    e. never


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