The matchups for Dewa Athena
          Dewa Athena is an annual event held by OSIS SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. It is an event where students get to showcase their ability and skills in sport branches. It aims to be a platform for students with the interest of sport and also to teach the students about sportsmanship. It was held in a few days, at March 23-24 2017 for eleven graders and at March 25 and April 1 2017 for ten graders, and also the grand final where the winners from eleven grade compete with the winners from ten grade was held in April 8 2017.

          There were couples of sport branches in Dewa Athena. There were basketball, volley, futsal for girls, futsal for boys, dodge ball for girls, dodge ball for boys, badminton for girls, badminton for boys, relay race, tarik tambang (pulling a rope), and gobak sodor. Since I'm not really into sport, I only participated in tarik tambang.

          It started at 07.30 AM. My friends and I quickly find a spot to put our bags in. Soon after that, the tournaments begin. Since I pretty much had nothing to do, I just cheered up my friends by supporting them, shouting their names or even by shouting "Aksel aksel!!" shamelessly. Oh, and we also wore matching jerseys with our names on the back. How cute. 

       Moving on, I didn't realize that screaming too much and being really active actually caused hunger. So I decided to buy a rice box and eat it while watching the futsal tournament for boys. I also got myself a drink. I then just enjoy myself having brunch under the sun.

          Then, finally, it's time for tarik tambang! Yay! I finally participated! My friends and I got ready by coating our hands with flour (so that our hands will be less slippery). After that, we make a line and hold the rope together. Soon after that, we began pulling the rope. It hurt my hands, honestly. But it was fun! We won both the first and the second round! Yay!

         Soon after we finished tarik tambang, I suddenly felt bored again. I just went back to the routine of being a supporter. Yay. How exciting.

         But anyway, that sums up my day at Dewa Athena. So basically, it was fun. Although it was very sunny day, at least I had fun with my friends.


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