A vacation to Bali

                Although I have visited Bali a few times, there are still jaw-dropping places that I haven’t visited. Bali has so much to offer; the culture, the place, the food, and everything. I think I have a pleasant vacation to Bali last week, and I thought it’d be good if I share my story to you.
                I left for Bali in January 2, 2017 from Jakarta. I went to Bali with my mom, brother, and my sister in law. The flight took about 2 hours. I was kind of tired at that time, so I just slept at most of the time. I sat next to my mom. We also didn’t bring too many carry-ons, as it might not fit inside the cabin storage.
                As soon as we arrived, we got off from the plane and went inside the airport building. My brother then took our baggage. We also got my other brother (Ilham) to pick us up, so we went outside to find him. I bought a drink at a minimarket since I was thirsty. After that, my family and I went to Ilham’s car and put our suitcases in. Then, Ilham dopped us off in our hotel. We didn’t stay in a very nice hotel, but it was okay because we went outside and did fun activities the whole day.
                After we arrived in our hoteel, we have a rest for a whie and prayed. At 7 PM, Ilham picked us up again to have a dinner in Jimbaran Beach.
                The dinner was so good. We ate some nice seafood dishes while having a view of the beautiful Jimbaran Beach. I was really hungry as well, so once the food was served, I couldn’t resist my hunger anymore and started eating. There were also fireworks that made the night even more spectacular. I has coconut for my drink. Once we were done, we went back to our hotel and have a rest.
                The next day, I woke up in the morning and prayed. Then, I started getting ready and had breakfast at 8 AM. We then waited Ilham to come to pick us up. Once he’s arrived, we got in his car and went to Ubud.
                Ubud was actually kind of far from our hotel. I had a mesmerizing view when we were heading to Ubud. It wasn’t a sunny day though, but we enjoyed the day. Our lost energy was paid once we’ve arrived. The view was amazing. I did rafting in Ayung river. Firstly, I went with the people who wanted to go rafting too to the start of our rafting. We had to walk down to the river while surrounded by trees. We then get in our boat, our leader then gave us instructions. After everything’s ready, we started our journey. The view was very nice. Unfortunately, my phone was dying, so I couldn’t take any picture. We rafted for 12 km on the river. After we’ve done rafting, we then changed our clothes. We were also served some delicious food after we’ve done changing our clothes.
                The next day, we went to Nusa Dua Beach to do some watersports. I packed my stuff in the morning. In Nusa Dua Beach, I did diving. It was unforgettable as it was the first time that I dived. I saw so many animals in the sea and fed them with some bread. After that, I also wnt on a banana boat with my brother. It was fun too. In the evening, we went to Seminyak Beach and had some snacks while admiring the beautiful view of the beach.
                On the fourth day, we went back to Ubud to go to the monkey forest. It was a sunny day, so I was really happy. Once we’ve arrived in Ubud, we had lunch in a restaurant. I ordered a tom yum soup and a milk tea as my drink. After that, we went straight to the monkey forest. We bought the tickets and got into the forest. There were so many monkeys here and there. Some were playing at the river, some were tryimg to steal some food from the visitors, some were hanging on the tree branches, and some were sleeping. They were adorable as well, especially the baby ones. I took some photos there and walked around the forest.
                After that, we went to Denpasar to buy some milk pies (pie susu). We bought a few boxes of milk pie. We then went back to our hotel and had some rest. Since I was hungry, I ordered some food from Pizza Hut. Before I went to sleep, I packed my things because it was my last day in Bali.
                On the next day, we headed to Ngurah Rai International Airport in 5 AM because the plane was leaving at 7 AM. We prayed in the airport and waited for the plane to board. Once it was the boarding time, we went into the plane, put our belongings to the cabin storage, and had a seat. The flight to Bandung  took about 2 hours. We then arrived in Bandung and went home. Honestly, I wasn’t very excited to go home though. I just wasn’t ready for school and all of its assignments, but I had to.

                And that’s the end of the story. My vacation was really fun. Bali was so beautiful. I had a really great time there and I wish to visit it back soon. 


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