A Place to Visit: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort!

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is an igloo-styled resort. This resort is located in Saariselka, Finland. The rooms are made in the shape of igloo houses, which look like domes. The difference is that igloo houses are made of snow, but the rooms in the resorts are made from wood and glass, which is more modern. But if you want to know how it feels like to stay in an igloo house, don't worry, they do have igloo houses too. Those are the reasons why this resort is also nicknamed “The Igloo Village”.

            There are services that they provide here. There’s a restaurant, saunas, meeting premises, gift shops, equipment rental (so you don’t need to bring those skiing board), automotive launches, and also the transport (from and to Ivalo airport for all costumers, the transport to Norway can also be booked with them).

            It’s better to visit this place either in winter or summer.

           In the summer, you may want to do some cool activities that you can experience in this resort. Firstly, you can go gold panning, and if it’s your lucky day, you might collect some pieces of gold that you can bring home. Or if you choose, you can go beyond experimenting by panning enough gold to make a ring for your loved one, perhaps. You can also go on a husky safari, horse safari, cruise on Lemmenjoki, day trip to Inari, ATV safari, and also some fishing trips. Wandering around on a horseback, horse-back carriage, or on a quad bike while admiring the beauty of the midnight sun or maybe chasing the northern lights might be your choice as well. Moreover, you are also able to go hiking, canoeing and whitewater kayaking, mushroom and berry picking, or maybe mountain biking. You can choose to do what you want to do, that’s your personal preference.
          Or if you prefer to go in the winter, then get ready to enjoy the winter vibe. Explore the wild with those cute huskies in a husky safari, or even with reindeers. Or if it’s too cold for you, try going on a safari on a snow tank. Or if you’re craving for adrenalines, you can go on a safari with a snowmobile. For more challenging, you can do this at night. Apart from that, you can also go ice-fishing one Lake Inarinj√§rvi, skiing, snowboarding, or even aurora hunting. And those are just examples of what you can do.

           Now for the accommodation. You can choose to stay in a glass igloo, kelo-glass igloo, log chalet, snow igloo, queen suite, wedding chamber, and also in the traditional house. If you bring a group of people, you can stay in sivakka, the largest chalet. There’s a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a separate fireplace room, and a sauna. Or maybe you want to stay in Santa’s house? No problem! Just make sure that you’re nice to Santa. You can also stay in gold digger’s chalet, on the banks of the gold river. Through the glass, you can admire the beauty of the night sky, or even the northern lights.

So what are you waiting for? Tell your relatives and friends, book your flight, pack your stuffs, and look up for the rooms in the amazing Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort!

source: http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/en/accommodation/



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