[Warning! This post contains things that are not easily understandable, and also weird things, I suggest you to only read it if you really need to, otherwise you might regret it. If you don't want to read all of this then just skip everything and jump right to the end of this post because that's the most important thing here :)]

Hi. Before we get into everything else, let me introduce myself! I'm Rana Tria Airlani, people usually call me Rana. I'm 15 years old and Indonesian and I live in Bandung. I go to SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. In my spare time, I like to listen to music, read novels, and watch YouTube videos. I'm really into English, it is one of my favorite subjects at school, but I'm not the best at it though. I'm also really fond of Japanese cuisine and my favorite dish is spicy ramen. I really love traveling, even if it's just as simple as going to a mall or a book store. If I had to choose a color, I'd probably choose blue because I think it's pretty. 

I have two brothers that are older than me. The eldest is 23 years old  and the second one is 20 years old. As siblings, I honestly can't really find something in common among us. We all look very different. I have the lightest skin among us but I'm not tall. My eldest brother has a pointy nose while mine is rather flat. We also have very different personalities, but maybe that's okay since that's what siblings are made for, to complete each other. We used to argue a lot when we were kids, and I was such a crybaby, I  hated them so bad that I sometimes just cried whenever they start to talk to me.

I'm guessing you'd be bored by now, since all I've done here is just blabbing about myself, but that's what this post is actually about, so please kindly let me continue.

To make this post longer, maybe I can talk about my favorite artists. My favorite artists are One Direction, James Bay, Ed Sheeran, and Kehlani. My favorite song at the moment is actually "Need The Sun to Break" by James Bay, I sometimes jam to it as that's how much I like it, the song sounds so good that it deserves endless grammys. If you are wondering why I'm SO hype when I'm talking about the song, it's because it's that good and if you haven't listened to it then go give it a listen!! I'm also hype when I talk about City of Bones which is also known as my favorite novel!

Please continue reading if you can still handle the crazyness.

I also like cats. I wish i have like 10 of them because they are so adorable! I only have 3 cats though, but that's okay, at least I always see cute furry ball walking around my house. But there's this one cat that is the closest to me, I guess. He's also smart as a cat, he usually knocks my door whenever he wants to get in. Last night, while I was asleep, my cat woke me up by he knocked my door, even though he probably didn't know I was asleep. I had to let him in otherwise he'd keep knocking and I needed to sleep. I was a bit upset but when i opened the door and saw his cute face, I suddenly became happy.
Now that you've reached the end, CONGRATS! I've told you about myself so why don't you tell me about yours?
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[If you regret reading this post, don't blame me. I warned you and I wont give you back your 5 minutes that you used to read all of this, but before you leave, please do me a favor by following my instagram]


p.s please don't hate me


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