There is no doubt that there are so many natural phenomena in this world. A lot of them can be seen by us everyday. Rain, thunders, clouds, and rainbows are very usual for us. However, have you ever seen something like this?

Stunning lava lamp-like frozen methane columns

No? Don't worry, me neither.

No, those are not icy jellyfish. Those are called ice bubbles. The picture was taken in Abraham Lake, which is a man-made lake in Canada.

Ice bubbles are actually bubbles of methane gas that is emitted by bacteria after they consume dead organic matter. This organic matter includes plants, leaves, trees, and died animals that has fallen into the lake. This matter will then sink to the bottom and get broken down by the bacteria, releasing methane in the process. As the bubble rise, it freezes as it reaches the surface of the water since the temperature is quite low. It will continue happening and the ice bubbles will pile up.

This phenomenon only occurs during winter when the lake freezes. The bubbles will get trapped under the surface. On summer, where the days are warmer, the lake will unfreeze and the bubbles will raise to the top and pop till there is no ice bubbles left.

The frozen bubbles form when microbes consume dead organic matter on the bottom of the lake
However, we should always remember that these bubbles are formed of methane, a highly inflammable gas. Although it is fairly safe to be around them, if you happen to poke a hole in the bubble and light a match, it will ignite.

Look very interesting, don't they? People like to come here to enjoy the mesmerizing scenery, take a nice picture, or even skate on the ice.
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